National Preparedness Month 2015

8/31/15 – National Preparedness month begins this week. Every September we post more information regarding how to be prepared for various types of emergencies. While many types of natural disasters are different in the various regions of our country, one thing remains the same. YOU! You can make a plan with your family, friends and co-workers. You can build a kit to make sure you have enough supplies for at least three days. You can stay informed. Finally, YOU can get involved.

Over the next several weeks we will be posting messages here on what you can do to be prepared no matter what the emergency is, be it a natural disaster or something else.

Stay tuned! #NationalPreparedness



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Lightning caused Little Giant Fire North of Greens Peak

Lightning caused Little Giant Fire
August 25, 2015; 2:00 p.m.
• Springerville Ranger District on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests
• Four miles north of Greens Peak, Apache County

Start Date: August 22, 2015
Size: 8 acres
Cause: Lightning
Vegetation: Mixed conifer
Smoke: Dispersing to the north during the day, settling in local area drainages overnight.
Weather Forecast: Thunderstorms likely for next several days with some drying by the weekend.

The lightning-caused Little Giant Fire was detected on Monday, August 24. The fire is primarily burning on a steep north aspect with heavy dead and down fuels and numerous snags. Smoke will be visible from Springerville as well as other local communities and area roads including Arizona State Highway 260, while the fire continues to burn. Local fire managers will monitor the fire while identifying opportunities to confine the fire with the least exposure to fire personnel and resource needs. Areas adjacent to the fire have been treated with combinations of commercial thinning and prescribed fire. There is currently no private property or resources being threatened and there are no road closures due to this fire. Fire personnel will continue to monitor the fire on a daily basis.

Fire Information:
Questions or concerns contact Cary Stock, Springerville Ranger District Assistant Fire Management Officer during regular business hours at (928) 333-6351, or by calling 311 or 928-333-3412.

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Have Their Backs!

Have Their Backs billboard [FINAL]8/24/15 – With the wildfires in the northwest claiming not just trees and homes this year but lives of firefighters we would like to take a moment to remind YOU of a few simple things that will help save your property and their lives before a wildfire strikes.
Basic yard cleanup also known as “defensible space” can make all the difference in whether or not your home saved.
• Make sure to regularly mow the lawn, clean debris and prune trees up.
• Create a ‘fire-free’ area within five feet of the home, using non-flammable landscaping materials and/or high moisture content plants and deck furniture
• Water vegetation regularly
As we begin preparing for fall and winter make sure to check rain gutters, chimney and vent screens and around decks for debris. Doing some of these simple steps now can help eliminate some of the risks in the wildfire season.
Remember our firefighters and have their backs. Live Firewise!

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