Black Mesa Ranger District Plans to Complete Nagel Prescribed Burn

Springerville, AZ, December 4, 2017 For Immediate Release. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests’ Black Mesa Ranger District plans to complete the Eastern half of Block 5 of the Nagel Burn area starting on Tuesday, December 5, if weather conditions allow. 410 acres were burned in the northwestern half of the unit last week. The Nagel Burn area is to the south and east of the 100E Road, east of the 717 Road, and north and west of the West Fork of Alder Canyon.

 Once ignition occurs, crews will be on scene from ignition until there is no longer a threat of escape from the project boundaries.

 This project is in partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to provide forest restoration and health to the Rocky Mountain Elk, mule deer, and other wildlife species that frequent the area.

 Prescribed burning provides many benefits and is essential to maintaining healthy forest ecosystems. This prescribed fire is a follow up to previous mechanical treatments within parts of the unit.  It provides habitat diversity, recycles plant nutrients into the soil and encourages new growth for a variety of plants used by wildlife and livestock. Prescribed burning of forest ground fuels also reduces the threat of large scale wildfire impacts to private lands.

 For questions or concerns please contact the Black Mesa Ranger District at (928) 535-7300, or dial 311 for the Northeastern Arizona Public Information System.



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Brush Fire on Porter Mountain Road Just NE of Highway 260

Timber Mesa Fire and Medical are actively working a brush fire just off Porter Mountain Road NE of Highway 260 in the Billy Creek area. Forward progression has been stopped and the crews are in the mopping up stage. Citizens are urged to avoid this area as much as possible to minimize traffic congestion while crews conduct their operations. Peterson subdivision residents who left the area due to the brush fire may now return to their homes

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Lakeside Ranger District plans multiple Prescribed Burns

Springerville, AZ, November 20, 2017 – For Immediate Release. The Lakeside Ranger District is planning on burning Redhead Marsh, Polishing Ponds and Jacques Marsh, weather permitting, starting today, Monday, November 20. The burn is approximately 60 acres. Minimal smoke impact is expected and may be visible from Arizona State Highway 77, U.S. Highway 60, Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside and Linden.

Prescribed burn locations:

Redhead Marsh: Located three miles northwest of Show Low on the west side of AZ State Highway 77, near Telephone Lake.
Polishing Ponds: Located three miles north of Show Low on the west side of AZ State Highway 77, near Telephone Lake.
Jacques Marsh: Located one mile north of Lakeside on the west side of Penrod Road.
This prescribed burn is in cooperation with Arizona Game and Fish, the City of Show Low and the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside. The burn will benefit wildlife, the wetland and riparian ecosystems using prescribed fire to reduce dead fuels and stimulate new growth of wetland vegetation.

All prescribed burns are approved through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) before ignitions begin. The ADEQ monitors air quality and determines whether or not it will be a good day for smoke dispersion. Breaking larger burn areas into smaller acreages often limits the amount of smoke that impacts an area. Although smoke from prescribed fire can still be a nuisance, it is usually for a shorter time and considerably less smoke than wildfires produce. If you are sensitive to smoke or have respiratory problems, stay indoors if possible.

Crews will be on scene from the beginning of ignitions until there is no longer a threat of escape from the project boundaries.

Questions or concerns contact The Lakeside Ranger District at (928) 368-2100 or by calling 311 or (928) 333-3412. Also, check out the ASNFs website at:


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