Smoke in Alpine

9/25/14 12:24
There have been numerous reports of people seeing smoke in Alpine. The smoke is coming from a private burn. Someone is taking the opportunity of the good weather to burn debris around their property. We appreciate everyone’s concern, and for taking the time to report the smoke. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Campfire Safety Still A Priority

9/23/14 – The Apache-Sitgreaves (A-S) National Forests wishes to remind you that campfire safety is still a priority. The monsoon season is ending and fine grassy fuels and brush will start to dry out. As you are out hunting, camping, or collecting firewood on the A-S National Forests there is still a need for campfire safety. Here are some suggestions to help prevent wildfires:

For campers, hunters and drivers:
• If you don’t need a fire, don’t build one.
• Use established campfire rings whenever available.
• Make sure campfires are away from overhanging branches, steep slopes, and leaves.
• Keep water and a shovel near the campfire.
• Douse campfire with water and stir one hour before leaving. If its cool to the touch, then it’s safe to leave.
• Adults should always supervise children around a campfire.
• Only smoke in approved areas and always dispose of smoking materials in an ashtray or ashcan.
• While driving, avoid pulling over into areas with tall grass. Hot catalytic converters or exhaust particles can ignite grasses along the roadway.
• If pulling a trailer, make sure chains are not dragging along the pavement as the sparks can fly and start a fire.

For landowners:
• Thin trees and brush near structures.
• Remove weeds and mow dry grasses.
• Clear twig and leaf litter from gutters and roofs.
• Stack firewood well away from structures.
• Surround structures with drought and fire resistant or irrigated landscaping.
• Have an evacuation plan.

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NOAA Weather Update

9/17/14 @ 7:13am

A Flash Flood Watch continues to be in effect for much of Northern Arizona through Thursday, generally south of the Grand Canyon and I-40.

Our confidence is increasing that the greatest impacts of this system will be over and south of the Eastern Mogollon Rim and White Mountains (southern Navajo and Apache Counties, and additional counties to the south).  Widespread accumulations of 1-3+” of rain are expected in this area by Friday.  Other parts of Northern Arizona will have scattered shower and thunderstorm activity, with less of a potential for widespread heavy rainfall.


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