Smoke impact for Pipeline and Haywire fire near Flagstaff 6/16/2022

The Pipeline Fire near Flagstaff was mapped overnight at 24,815 acres, with the Haywire at 5,372 acres.

This morning, smoke is noted in the Doney Park area and in Flagstaff (mainly the northern portion); however, smoke levels are not as high as were seen yesterday (Wednesday). Also, southwest winds are expected to increase this morning, so smoke that has settled into the region will begin to lift between 930 and 10 am.

With windier conditions today, there is a chance for more active fire behavior and smoke production. Smoke that is produced today is forecast to move toward the north-northeast, which will keep the majority of the smoke out of Flagstaff and the Doney Park area, but areas such as Cameron and Tuba City may see light to moderate smoke impacts during the day.

Overnight, winds will not become as light as the past few nights, so not expecting as much smoke to drain into the low-lying areas; however, still expecting moderate smoke impacts in Doney Park and the northern portion of Flagstaff. With south-southwest winds expected to increase earlier tomorrow, smoke will likely clear out of these areas after 9am.Tomorrow, smoke is forecast to disperse toward the north-northeast with light to moderate smoke impacts once again possible in Cameron and Tuba City and other locations on the Navajo and Hopi reservations. Also of note, there will be a chance of thunderstorms in the area tomorrow, which could produce outflow winds pushing smoke in any direction resulting in brief moderate to high smoke impacts at locations near the fire.

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