Smoke impact for Pipeline and Haywire/Double fires burning near Flagstaff – 6/14/2022

The Pipeline Fire near Flagstaff was mapped overnight at just over 20,100 acres, with the Haywire/Double Fire at approximately 4,000 acres. With strong gusty winds and low relative humidity yesterday (Monday), both fires were very active with smoke moving toward the northeast throughout the day.

While winds will be weaker today compared to yesterday, gusty southwest winds are still expected, which will continue to result in active fire behavior and increased smoke production. Smoke is again forecasted to move toward the east-northeast, with light to moderate smoke impacts possible on the Navajo and Hopi reservations.

If you or your family members are impacted by the smoke, following these suggested actions if possible, will reduce the effects of the smoke: close windows and use fans or alternative cooling devices, turn off swamp coolers, use filtered HVAC systems, and avoid outdoor activities.

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