Mescal and Telegraph Fires Smoke Forecast 6/10/2021

The Mescal Fire grew by approximately 2,000 acres yesterday, bringing it to ~72,000 acres. The Telegraph is now at ~85,000 acres with a growth yesterday of around 400 acres.

Smoke production on the Telegraph fire overnight into this morning is less compared to what we have seen over the past few days. Smoke that is being produced is resulting in light to at times moderate impacts to the Globe-Maimi area. Smoke that has settled into the region is expected to lift by 10 am.

Winds today and tomorrow will be lighter, and later this afternoon have a westerly component to them. As a result, smoke is expected to disperse ENE today, with light to moderate impacts possible to the Globe-Miami area due to the proximity to the fire. Other areas that have been seeing moderate impacts further north and east of the fire, such as Cibecue, Show Low, and Eagar, may see smoke move overhead or through the region; however, impacts are expected to remain light. Whiteriver and the San Carlos/Peridot areas may see short periods of moderate smoke impacts, but for the most part, only light impacts are expected.

Overnight into tomorrow, forecasting similar smoke impacts to what is being seen this morning and what will be seen later today.

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