Alpine Ranger District to Conduct Prescribed Burns

Springerville, AZ, January 4th, 2022 — The Alpine Ranger District on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests is planning to begin the Pace Creek Pile Burning project on January 5th through the end of February. Piles consist of leftover debris from recent timber sales, as well as slash deposited in the community burn pit. All ignitions are weather dependent.

Smoke will be visible from Alpine along portions of Hwy 180 and 191, from the New Mexico state line to the Alpine Divide Campground. Smoke may limit visibility on roads and may be present for up to one week after ignitions are complete. Members of the public who are smoke-sensitive or have health that could be affected issues are encouraged to take precautions.

All prescribed burns are approved through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) before ignitions begin, and they monitor air quality. Please visit the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s webpage: for additional information regarding air quality.

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