R-14 Fire Update

June 17, 2017 Update

Fire Facts

Location: 5 miles south of Whiteriver Resources Assigned: 5 Type 6 Engines,  2 Water Tender, 3 Type 2 IA crews, 1 Type 2 Crew, Air Attack, 1 Type 3 Helicopter, 2 Dozers, Structure Protection
Containment: 10%, along highway 73
Start date: June 16, 2017, 1:30 PM Cause:  Under Investigation
Size: 750 acres Forest Type: grass, Pinyon/Juniper

Fire Activity:
Yesterday about 1:00 P.M.  six road side fires were detected along Highway 73 above the LandFill near Cedar Creek.  All fires joined together and consumed 506 acres.   Air support was successful in slowing the progression of the fire and created a slurry line along the west flank of the fire.  Today, fire personnel will work on securing the fire line and air support will conduct water drops to cool the fire edges. The Dozers will also work on the eastern flank of the fire to tie into the north flank of the fire.  Today will be a critical day for firefighters as the hot and dry temperatures will test the fire lines.

Weather:  Hot temperatures and high Haines indices are expected for the next several days.

Road Closures: Highway 73 from Canyon Day to Carrizo Junction is closed until further noticed.

Pre-evacuation Notification: A pre-evacuation notification for the residents of Cedar Creek is still in effect.  This means that Residents need to be on stand-by in the event an evacuation is ordered. Residents are allowed back into Cedar Creek from Carrizo Junction.  Residents should not drive around the community of Cedar Creek and should remain at their homes.

Safety:  A drone was detected last night on the R-14 fire.  If a drone is flying, all aviation operations will have to shut down. This poses a threat to aviation resources and firefighters as well as the public.  Flying a drone near a wildfire is illegal.

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