Prescribed Burning on Fort Apache Indian Reservation

1/4/18 – The Bureau of Indian Affairs Fort Apache Agency Fire Management in coordination with the White Mountain Apache Tribe willconduct prescribed burn operations beginning Friday, January 5, 2018 through Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Prescribed burning efforts will be contingent upon favorable weather conditions.
A total of 3087 acres are planned to be treated within two burn units within the eastern portion of the Reservation:
• 1001 acres are targeted for the Odart North Burn Unit, between Mountain Lion Canyon
• 2086 acres are targeted for the Maverick Burn Unit, south of Pacheta Lake and north of the oldMaverick Town.

These small prescribed fires will mimic natural fires by reducing hazardous fuels accumulations, and reintroducing fire into a fire dependent system; recycling nutrients and increasing habitat diversity. Fire personnel will conduct broadcast burning within these burn blocks. Broadcast burns involve applying fire across the forest floor. Flames make their way along the surface, consuming accumulated needles, leaves, branches, and logs while recycling nutrients back into the soil. Broadcast burns typically produce noticeable smoke.

All Prescribed Fire activity will be carefully monitored and will comply with smoke
management guidelines to reduce the impact of smoke on local residents. If conditions become unfavorable prescribed burning efforts will be ceased to mitigate smoke impacts to the communities. The Burn Blocks are closed to the public throughout the duration of the burning operations. For more information, contact Candy Lupe at (928) 338-5425.

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