Prescribed Burning in Clear Creek Pines Scheduled for 11/8/17 and 11/9/17

Prescribed burning will commence in Clear Creek Pines 3 and 7 and Clear Creek Pines 4,5 and 6 THIS MORNING. The winds will move the smoke in a southwest direction, pushing the smoke directly through Units 4,5, and 6, if the winds die down overnight the smoke will be the heaviest in the drainage that goes right through the subdivision. This is a maintenance burn so hopefully smoke impacts will not be as long lived as the initial entry burns. Fire managers hope to accomplish approximately 450 acres today, beginning near Clear Creek Pines 4,5, and 6 today, working down towards Clear Creek Pines 3 and 7 tomorrow, for another 450 acres. State Highway 87 could also have overnight impacts depending upon the winds. Ignitions should begin mid-morning today.

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