Prescribed Burning on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Fort Apache Agency Fire Management in coordination with the White Mountain Apache Tribe will begin prescribed burn operations on Wednesday, October 9,2019 contingent upon favorable weather conditions. Several Burn Units are targeted to be treated by either pile burning or broadcast burning on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

The late fall prescribed burning conditions have low to moderate fire intensity which produces beneficial post-fire effects. These small prescribed fires will help reduce fuel accumulation from logging and thinning projects, decrease the risk of high intensity wildfire, and protects communities. Broadcast burns involve applying fire across the forest floor. Flames make their way along the surface, consuming accumulated needles, leaves, branches, and logs while recycling nutrients back into the soil. Broadcast burns typically produce the most noticeable

Nearby residents should expect smoke in the vicinity and drivers should pay extra attention while traveling through or adjacent to burn areas. All Prescribed Fire activity will be carefully monitored and will comply with smoke management guidelines to reduce the impact of smoke on local residents. If conditions become unfavorable prescribed burning efforts will be ceased to mitigate smoke impacts to the communities.

Prescribed burning efforts will continue as long as weather conditions permit and targeted acres are completed. Location and timing of burns will be identified on a weekly basis. Fire personnel are scouting potential burn units this week to identify which areas they will begin treatment. If conditions are favorable the next update will be on Monday, October 7, 2019 with exact locations of areas to be treated. If conditions are not favorable, then the next news release will be at least two days prior to treatment.

If you have any questions regarding our upcoming prescribed burning efforts, you can call Candy Lupe, Public Information Officer at (928) 338-5425 or you can log onto BIA Fort Apache Agency’s Facebook page,

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