Restrictions Remain In Place

7/12/18 – The White Mountain Fire Restrictions Working Group concluded that there will be no change in the restrictions for any jurisdictions throughout Apache or Navajo County at this time. Members of the White Mountain Fire Restrictions Working Group include both Navajo and Apache Counties, Apache-Sitgreaves Forest personnel, Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, the Bureau of Land Management and Fort Apache Agency in addition to representatives for local law enforcement and fire agencies.

While we have received some rain, officials were not satisfied with the amounts received to date being enough to mitigate the fire danger. In addition, resources and firefighters are working several lightning start fires each day and are kept extremely busy. The weather does play a large part in the decision officials are looking for continued wide-spread wetting rain. Finally, we look at upcoming events that would bring a large number of visitors to the region that might also impact response capabilities.

All of these factors are considered each week in order to make the most educated decision for the safety and well-being of our citizens and our communities. WMFRWG will continue to evaluate the data and information on a weekly basis and will advise when conditions are sufficient to change the restrictions throughout the entire region.

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Fire Restrictions NOT Lifted

We wanted to let everyone know that even though we have received some rainfall, there are not going to be any changes in the fire restrictions any time soon. The chances for a catastrophic wildfire are still present. It is going to take more than a few scatted showers for us to be in a position to lift those restrictions. So please note that Stage 3 Fire restrictions are still in effect in the unincorporated areas of Apache and Navajo County.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

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911 and Landline Phone Issues

6/14/18 7:30 a.m. – At this time AT&T and Frontier are working to correct issues with the lines however, 911 lines at Navajo County, Apache County and Show Low Police Department are having intermittent issues.

If you have an emergency in Navajo County contact 928-536-7500.

If you have an emergency in Apache County, please go by the police department or call 928.245.0145, 333.4127 opt. 4, or 551.0525. This will be for both Springerville and Eagar.

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