Navajo Nation to Move to Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

The Navajo Nation has moved from stage I fire restrictions to stage II fire restrictions.

The following are prohibited

  • Fireworks
  • All trash and field-clearing burning
  • All wood and charcoal fires and barbeques
  • Use of firearms and incendiary devices without a permit
  • Use of combustion engines, including chainsaws

The following can be exercised, but with EXTREME CAUTION

  • Smoking- It is advised to do this within an enclosed vehicle or in a designated area

The following are permitted

  • ONLY propane, gas, or other petroleum fueled stoves for livestock branding
  • Ceremonial fires that have been permitted by NNEPA
  • Public fireworks that have been approved nd permitted by the Navajo Nation Fire Department
  • Persons with valid written permit to perform authorized activites
  • Persons conducting activities n designated areas where the activity is specifically authorized by written notice
  • Any State, Federal, or other local officer engaged in a rescue or firefighting force

The paper copy of the fire restrictions will be posted on the fire restrictions, closure, and maps tab in the following days.


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