Driving conditions

With both Apache and Navajo counties experiencing both snowfall and flooding issues, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows this important, life-saving information:

  • Hazards such as black ice, fog, high winds and white out conditions can impair visibility and safe driving. Safety tips include slow down, don’t tailgate, turn headlights on. Stock an emergency kit and blankets , check tire treads and wiper blades and ensure all the lights are working. Here are other winter driving tips.


  • Heavy rains falling on melting snowpack can produce disastrous flooding, swelling in creeks and rivers and overflow of lakes and reservoirs. With the heavy rains we have been experiencing, on top of melting snow we will continue to experience rapid runoff causing streams to rise. Use caution in these areas, do not drive thru the streams and rivers, Turn around, don’t drown!

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